Fridays Are For…

golden doodle

…Drinking Our Vegetables. We are not the best at consuming our daily recommended amount of veggies. So we are jumping on the green smoothie bandwagon– at least, giving it a try. I’ve been using this recipe as inspiration. During my first attempt, I liquified half of a wooden spoon in the blender. So… wish us luck.

… Baking Desserts. I am hosting a baby shower this weekend and that means making lots of sweets. I might try these “Knock You Naked Brownies” from the Pioneer Woman. The last time I made them, the glass baking dish exploded in the oven. Not kidding. These are powerful brownies.

… Prepping for Valentines Day. And I don’t mean looking for something for that special someone (sorry, Shawn). At the community center, we are going to participate in One Billion Rising on February 14th to raise awareness and end violence against women. Our girls were especially excited to learn the “Break The Chains” dance.

… And, oh yeah, I’m running my last long run before the Disney Princess Half Marathon! My first training plan said this run should be 14 miles. My current one says it should be 12. But the longest I’ve run so far is 10. So, um… we’ll see.

I hope your weekend is filled with lots of adventure and very few kitchen disasters!


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