Fridays Are For…

You guys have all seen this, right?

If that doesn’t make your weekend, I don’t know what will.

… Banana Muffins. I promise, the next thing I bake will be these. I keep letting my bananas go brown in hopes that I will be forced to try these. And gosh darn it, I will. Sometime. Soon.

… Training Tips. The cold weather here has got me thinking about the warm Florida weather– and this article has some helpful tips about training for a warm-weather race in the freezing cold.

… 500 Dinner Guests. We are not hosting 500 dinner guests. Since our apartment seats, um, four, it would take us a long time to get to 500. But this story about creating community in your neighborhood is really cool.

… Bill Bryson. I might be fifteen years late, but I am finally reading A Walk In The Woods. And I love it. Of course I would. Thanks Howie!

Happy Weekend! 


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