New Training Plan

So… I was thinking about switching half-marathon training plans. One month before I am supposed to run my first half-marathon. You can do that, right? I got way behind on the plan that RunDisney promotes (from Jeff Galloway) and instead of just quitting the plan altogether, I figured I would find one that I might actually be able to follow.

Instead of doing a long run every other week and increasing my distance by 2 miles, I want to try a long run every weekend and increase my distance one mile at a time. This would put me at 12 miles two weeks before the race. Something a little like this:

Thus far, I have done two weeks of long runs: 8 miles one weekend and then 9 miles the next. And so far, it’s been alright. I’ve been running in loops at the park with my car in the middle so I can stop for water and swedish fish around mile 5, and then as needed. I have 10 miles scheduled for this weekend… double digits! Yikes!



3 thoughts on “New Training Plan

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