14 Hours in New York City

We always decide this was a bad idea afterwards, but we did New York City in one day!


We got up at the crack of dawn and drove through New Jersey to Staten Island.


And then we walked around and counted the number of Starbucks we passed (12!).


We saw Trinity Church (above), St. Paul’s Church (a hub for rescue workers during 9/11), and St. Patricks Chapel  (gigantic), none of which I had been to before. Pretty cool.


And then we walked around some more. I should have worn a pedometer.


We saw the 9/11 memorial. The museum isn’t open yet, so you spend most of your time going through security. But the memorials themselves are quite impressive.


And we took the subway to Grand Central Station. (Just like the movie Madagascar. That is really the only movie I could think of.)


We walked through Central Park and ate lots and lots of great food.

And then we took the ferry back to the car and drove home. Needless to say, we are exhausted. But it was fun. It’s exciting to spend the day immersed in city life (acting like locals– “here, can you take our picture?”), but I am happy now to be home where my dog doesn’t have to go to the bathroom on pavement.


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