Fridays Are For…


… Catching Up. I am finally watching Call The Midwife and reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Better late than never, right?

… Off-leash Walking. I found a park that doesn’t require your dog to be on a leash… just “under your control”. Hmm, the latter may prove harder than the former. Only one way to find out!

… Preparing To Run (And Walk) 11 Miles. 11 MILES PEOPLE. This is the point where I need to start eating/drinking during the run, right? Those weird gel packets? Obviously, I have no idea what I’m talking about. Thank goodness for the internet! Here is a little of what I’ve gleaned:

      • Run Eat Repeat says that usually if your run is longer than 90 minutes, you should eat something while running. (oops… I probably should have started this a while ago)
      • Asics Mom recommends eating Gu every 3 miles or so, and drinking 8 oz. of water every 20 minutes.
      • Jeff Galloway’s rule of thumb is 30-40 calories of “foods with sugar” every 1-2 miles, and drink some water as you do it.

Wish me luck– I’m gonna need it! Have a great weekend!


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