Fridays Are For… Sending Love to Newtown.


We sent our love to Sandy Hook this week by making cards at the community center. Here are a few creative options to send a little love their way.

Send Cards and Letters. Tried and true way to send sympathies and condolences.

Send Snowflakes. One of our kids showed me this website yesterday and asked if we could make some snowflakes to decorate the hallways at Sandy Hook. Yes!

Sandy Hook Memorial Virtual Half Marathon and 5k. A portion of your entry fee will be donated to the United Way– and you can do your miles anywhere, at any time!

Donate homemade blankets through Project Linus. This is really happy. According to some news reports, they have committed to sending blankets to the children affected by the shooting.

And of course, give money.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend as we enter the craziness of the last few days before Christmas…. If the world doesn’t end today, that is!

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