7 Tips for Homebodies at Christmas Parties


Beginning today, for the next seven days, we have eight Christmas parties. I am looking forward to celebrating the season with friends and family– and eating lots of delicious food. But as a tried and true introvert, I know that no matter how much fun I have, it will still be draining. So for all of you homebodies out there, I’ve put together a few tips to help you make it through all the smiling and hand-shaking and small talk.

1. Offer to help. Not only is it polite and actually helpful to the host, but putting crackers on a plate or stacking cups gives you a little break from all the walking and talking.

2. Start the food line. Somebody has to do it. And if you’re first, you can grab a seat and eat in peace and quiet– at least until everyone else gets theirs.

3. Nurse your drink. I am not endorsing inebriation here, kids. But I find that small talk comes easier if you have something to do with your hands. And if you have something to sip.

4. Go with a theme. Thankfully, most of our Christmas parties have some sort of theme this year: swapping cookies, ornaments, or doing a white elephant exchange. I know you might not have control over this, but if you can suggest it– do! This will give your evening a little more purpose and some useful distraction.

5. Dress up. Maybe not all homebodies are like me, but… I don’t always get dressed up to stay at home (read: never). But I do feel a little more confident and friendly (oh yes! I love socializing! Look at me, I do it all the time!) if I put a little more effort into looking nice.

6. Plan pre-down-time and post-down-time. We’ve got back to back events on Saturday, and I have purposefully planned to do absolutely nothing beforehand. Except for a long run, which will be nice and quiet.

7. Remember: You don’t have to go to them all. I think we will be opting out of our last Christmas party next Wednesday, because six nights out is already too much. If there is one or two you can take off your list, do it.

These are some tips that help me survive Christmas parties as an introvert.
What are some other ideas that help you?


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