Fridays Are For…


… Buffalo Chicken Chili Mac. This has become a staple in our home… Anything with buffalo sauce and blue cheese is a must-have. Thank you yet again, Rachael Ray.

… Making Snow Globes. Out of mason jars! We have been crafting this week at the community center in preparation for a fundraising event this weekend. I saw these at Anthropologie and immediately thought: Finally! Something I can make myself! You can find some step-by-step instructions here.

… Advent Readings. I think I’m a few days late already, but I just downloaded this one for free from Ann Voskamp. I love this part of the holiday season, waiting in sweet anticipation of Christmas, Christ’s coming.

… Decorating for Christmas. This will be our first Christmas at home in our apartment. It will be my first Christmas away from my family in Minnesota. As I got out our bin of (mostly gifted) decorations, I kept thinking about this blog post from Sarah Bessey. I’m even going to tell you my favorite part: “Sometimes it’s easy to be lured into the Pinterest Christmas, the myth of the perfect, designer, foodie, cool Christmas. The idea behind it seems to be that, if we decorate it beautifully, it will be beautiful, and somehow our surroundings are the best indicator for our inner peace and joy, our best defense against the reality of our own imperfections at Christmas.” I will be reminding myself of this again and again over the next few weeks as we decorate our tree and as I try my darndest to crochet Christmas stockings. My surroundings do not dictate my inner peace and joy.

I am hoping to go out and get our Christmas tree this weekend… If we can find one small enough for our apartment! Wish us luck! Have a great weekend!


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