A Love/Hate Rant on YOLO.

To the kids who introduced me to yolo.
If I could take your shoes and your belt and hold a little intervention,
this is what I would say.

Yolo is not an excuse
to live without consequences.
to say unkind words.
to eat food off the floor.
to stick your hand in someone’s pants.
to wear shorts in cold weather.
to kiss and tell.
to burn out like a match.
to spend all your time on things that won’t last.
to be selfish.
to break up on facebook.
to act only on your thirst, your libido, your ego.
to ignore your parents.
to pretend like the rules of the universe don’t apply to you.

You only live once. You only have one! life! You only get one! shot!
You want to live the yolo life? You want to live just this one time?

When you only live once, you need to
be brave.
be honest.
be kind to your parents, your brothers and sisters.
smell the roses.
eat your vegetables.
do your due dilligence.
realize your life is longer than high school.
quit the stuff that makes your future bleak.
find your purpose.
and if you grow stale, find a new purpose.
fight for justice, in the capitol and in the cafeteria.
do something good.
do something that matters.

This is all you get. You only get to live this one little life. Don’t lose it.


3 thoughts on “A Love/Hate Rant on YOLO.

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