A Day In The Life [#onedayhh]

I am linking up with Laura at Hollywood Housewife today for a fun post on “One Day” in your life. The idea was for everyone to capture November 14th and then share! I have to admit, following #onedayhh on instagram was addicting. Like reality blogging. Anyway, here’s my bit. Enjoy!

My first question every morning: Is that sun out there?

Don’t ask why they don’t have ties and the right one is falling apart. The answer, of course, is Mowgli.

Thanksgiving blend, sun beam, Old Man Chair.

I love east-facing windows.

dirty sink.

Morning walk. Gotta get your wiggles out.

We have to keep our shoes up high [see caption of slippers above].

A little yoga.

Shopping for the community center. I don’t think I will ever enjoy Walmart.

Enjoying the calm before the storm.

Office work.

Sometimes we do homework.

Sometimes we make treats.

Sometimes we make crafts.

Sometimes we skateboard (I use the term “we” loosely here).

And when its over, Shawn and I eat at our favorite restaurant.

Shawn cleaned while I was at work– which is why my mittens are now artistically placed in my boots.

And the sink is empty!

One last potty break.

9:00 PM. No joke.


6 thoughts on “A Day In The Life [#onedayhh]

  1. Did it eat my comment? Am I confused or just tired?
    Well, if you didn’t see it I was just saying that I liked seeing the details of your day. Thanks for participating!

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