The Miserable Run [#justwrite]

My run today was miserable.

It was raining. The inside of my right ankle hurt. There were puddles everywhere, seeping into my shoes. The dog kept nipping at my heels. Or lunging at geese, suddenly yanking my arm out of my shoulder. Thirty minutes felt long.

Well, that was unpleasant. Now I am cranky. Teary. Sitting in bed after a scalding hot shower, tucked under the covers. The dog, now exhausted from heel-nipping and geese-chasing, is piled on top of my legs. Even though the whole rest of the bed is open and free.

I should write something here about how good it feels after a run, or how the quiet moments like these ease my crankiness and make me feel grateful. But today they don’t.

You know what drives me crazy about yoga? When the instructor tells you to settle into a pose. To stop twitching and fighting and just breathe into the tense areas. I can’t do it. When I try to breathe into where it hurts, into the discomfort, I suddenly need to fix my ponytail. Adjust my shirt. Wipe the sweat off my nose. I count the seconds, too quickly, until I am released from that pose and can move into another.

Today, I am going to settle into my bad day. Breathe through the tense spots. I know I will twitch, fiddle, and fight it. Fix my ponytail over and over. But at the end of the day, I can release it and move into another pose tomorrow.

I think one of my new favorite things is this whole “linking up” idea. Today I am joining The Extraordinary Ordinary’s Just Write series. Mine turned about a little moody (ha!), but please check some other’s out! Very cool idea.


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