Winter Adventures

It has been snowing in other parts of the country and I have started thinking about our upcoming winter adventures. True to my amateur nature, I have tried just about everything and have mastered nothing. Skiing, snowboarding, winter camping, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, tubing, ice skating, sledding, etc. Growing up in Minnesota, I had an ample amount of snow in which to try it all.

These highlights will give you good glimpse into my relationship with cold weather sports:

I have run into a fence both skiing and snowboarding.

One year in high school, when I was learning how to snowboard, my friend Laura and I would spend our Friday nights driving two hours towards Wisconsin to purchase midnight lift tickets at a ski resort. From midnight to 4am, we would snowboard on fresh powder (usually man-made) in the dark and then drive home and collapse from soreness and exhaustion for the rest of the weekend. It was awesome.

My husband grew up ski racing. One of our big dates the first year we dated was a weekend of skiing with his family in Western PA. This is what remember vividly: Being outfitted by my future in-laws with things I never thought I would need, like ski goggles. Eating the best, the I mean the best, “steak fries” at the ski lodge’s diner. The fries actually had steak on them. Amazing. Doing that thing where you angle the front of your skis together so that you go really realllllly slowly. And when we got out of the car to eat dinner on the way home, I could not walk. Every single bone/muscle/joint in my body hurt. For days.

On an unrelated note, it is sunny and 66 degrees here today.

So help me dream a little. What are your favorite winter outdoor activities?


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