Killens Pond State Park {Delaware}

Killens Pond is part of Murderkill River. You think I’m kidding…

A few weeks ago, we took Mowgli on his first camping trip. We wanted something close by in case the trip turned into a disaster and we needed to pack up and go home. This turned out to be a wise choice on our part– I was unpacking our tent at our campsite when I realized we were missing one tiny thing… our tent poles. So we hoped back in the car, drove 45 minutes home and 45 minutes back to finally set up camp.

The state park itself was small and family (and dog) friendly. We did the one hike they offer, which is about 2.5 miles around the lake. On our way we passed a nice nature center (which was hosting a wedding that night!), a seasonal water park and a disc golf course, among other amenities. They had a nice “tents only” section away from the RV hook-ups. They had live music in the public pavilion where families to gather to play board games. And– important note here– the lady that registered us was helpful and polite (this has not always been our experience at state parks).

We like to think that we are a little more rustic and hard core, so I’m not sure we will go back to Killens Pond. But it served our purposes that weekend well– it gave a close, safe place to test out the Pup’s camping skills. He passed! Now we need to start planning his next adventure.


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