Calling All Fat [muscular?] Calves!

This is so important it needs its own blog post.

(I know what you’re thinking: end to world hunger? new dead sea scrolls found? that guy totally faked jumping from space?… Ok, so maybe this isn’t that important. Just humor me.)

Hunter Boots has finally created a rain boot for those of us with [fat/muscular/non-model-sized] calves. Claiming to be for “those seeking a roomier fit”, the Huntress is supposed to be wider around the calf and slightly shorter. (I should note: I checked the size guide online and the calf area for a size 8F Huntress is 38 inches… which is also the calf area of a size 8F Original Tall. Not sure what to make of that).

While I love my rain boots and wear them every chance I get, they do choke my calves. I had to buy thin, skinny skinny jeans to wear with them, or I wear leggings. I was given adorable Hunter fleece socks last year, but I can barely get my leg inside the boot with them on.

So I am super stoked about this new Huntress boot, if it does indeed turn out to be bigger. I am debating putting mine on eBay and getting a pair myself…

If anyone has a pair of these, I’d love to hear what you think!




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