Fridays Are For…

… Reading! This week, I have been working my way through Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. This has confirmed what I already knew: I am a total introvert. Cain’s research on introverts and extroverts is fascinating, and I am just now getting to the “application” part, I think. Definitely recommend for the introverts among you.

… Baking! A friend suggested these “nutella- stuffed brown butter and sea salt chocolate chip cookies” from Ambitious Kitchen. How can you pass up a title like that, right? I pride myself in my 15-minute chocolate chip cookies, so I was wary of following this recipe exactly, but… WOW.

… Shopping! I broke my new years resolution this week by buying this shirt from Gap. Pockets! Big and soft! And yet somehow trendy! I am totally in.

… Catching up on blogs! These two blog posts are both from last week, but they have followed me into this week, so I am posting them now! I am a Shauna Niequist fan, and I love her stand on being “a lover, not a fighter” on the internet. So well put, I couldn’t agree more. I also loved Nish Weiseth’s post “four beauty tips for women who normally don’t give a crap”. Because I totally normally don’t give a crap. Especially love the headband curls! Brilliant!

Have a happy happy weekend!


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