#dressfortheday — Adventure Edition!

This is the truth: I don’t always wake up feeling adventurous. Sometimes, most times, I wake up and want to stay in my pjs. I want to linger over my coffee. I debate if I really have enough time to get outside before work. And sometimes I do stay in my pjs and stretch my first cup of coffee into two or three.

But adventure is always calling; this past Saturday it was trail-running.

We were house-sitting this weekend, so I packed my bag in advance. What should I bring to help ensure that we got out the door and onto the trail?

My dirty old sneakers. Because I knew they were going to get muddy.

My favorite shirt with pockets. Because I needed a place to stash our trail map and doggie bags.

My favorite shirt also has thumb holes. Because every shirt should have thumb holes.

I’m usually a ponytail girl, but what’s more outdoorsy than a ponytail? Braids, of course.

I’ve gone through phases where I scoff at the “high-tech” outdoor gear. You’re supposed to be communing with nature, people! Isn’t kind of against the whole idea to need fancy clothes to do it?

But if I am being honest, I know that clothes make a difference. Being in clothes that I love can encourage my sense of adventure– and even allow me to have more fun and be more comfortable doing it (need I point out the thumb holes again?). Which means that I will get outside and be adventurous more often. Which is the whole idea.

My first link up! I loved this #dressfortheday idea that I came across on dear abby leigh’s blog. “Dress for the day you want to have… not the one that’s trying to have you.” Fun and brilliant, right?

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