8 Dog Park Rules (that I wish were true…)

We frequent our local dog park a lot. We have seen and/or hear of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  This is the lovely sign that graces the entrance to the dog park. I don’t think these rules are quite adequate, so I am sharing some of my own that I wish were true!

1. If you bring a toy, expect it to get lost/stolen/eaten.

2. If you are not a dog owner, do not freak out about the dogs in the dog park. Why are you even in the dog park to begin with??

3. Do not bring your date to the dog park– please see rule #2.

4. Do not try to eat your lunch at the picnic table in the dog park. Notice how dirty the table is? Thats because dogs jump up on it. And they will eat your food.

5. Don’t bring your iPad or other expensive items to the dog park.

6. Do not bring children to the dog park. And if you do, don’t let them squat near the edge of a cliff right above the lake.

7. If you don’t want to sit on the picnic table (see rule 4), FOR THE LOVE please do not sit on the ground. Dogs might try to sit on your lap. Or maul you.

8. Please, please, please don’t wear white. Or khaki. Or anything you might want to keep clean. Especially if your dog park has a pond.


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