Friday Favorites!

Kicking off Friday Favorites! I will be listing my weekly favorite __________ here each week. This week, its all web-based.

–> Dog Is Our Co-Pilot at the Outside Magazine online blog. I may have teared up. Taking Mowgli camping is on my to-do list soon, but I’m worried he will bark all night long. He does that now with the window open. And how much louder are the strange noises when you are in a tent! Also: I now need the dog bed mentioned here. It comes with a stuff sack.

–> Just discovered the Get Me Out of Here blog at Outside Online. Love the idea, and totally funny. Bonus: the author is exploring my home state! Which makes me appreciate it even more. The author, Katie Heaney, blogs here.

–> . SERIOUSLY FUNNY. Probably because I can relate to every single post. I want to submit a photo of our pup, but I can’t pick just one shame-worthy moment! Maybe something will present itself soon… Like my last pair of underwear that went missing…

Well, this week was apparently about dogs and Outside Magazine. You’re welcome, blog-o-sphere. I will try to broaden my horizons next week.


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