Elk Neck State Park {Maryland}

We ventured into Maryland this past weekend to check out Elk Neck State Park. We had been there a few times before to hike to the lighthouse, but we hadn’t kayaked there before. The day was PERFECT– 75 degrees, no humidity, beautiful sun. I got sunburned (the Minnesotan in me can’t believe I need sunscreen in September).

Elk Neck State Park is located on a peninsula that juts out into the Chesapeake Bay. The water was big and the boat action was busy. We passed other paddlers, jet skis, sail boats, and a barge. We put in on an inlet with quieter waters, but we did actually get a little sea sick once we got out to the bay.

I actually passed the lighthouse the first time we paddled by because the cliffs were too steep. But after paddling out a ways, there it was! And it was tiny! I swear it looks bigger when you are on the ground.

Lovely adventure. Summer seems to last so much longer here than in the Midwest. I am so looking forward to fall, but I will miss beautiful days on the water like this.


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