Daily Adventures


I have a job and an apartment and student loans and books to return to the library. My life sometimes feels void of adventure. Or, I should say, void of being outside. And I need to be outside.

I remember reading once a long time ago [read: I could be totally making this up] about active v. inactive attention. Maybe it was just sight specifically. The idea is that when you are driving, or typing, or reading, your eyes are actively focusing on something, which stresses them out over time. But when you go for a walk, say, your eyes are inactively gazing at everything around you– they get a little break. Some free-thinking time.


My mind needs inactive gazing time. I spend so much focused time on what to do about this and how should this thing go. I spend so much concentrating on projects and now situations that I don’t have time to think.

Going for a walk outside, however brief, gives my heart and mind a chance to catch up with each other. I can think about what I want to think about. Or I can think about nothing at all.

And I realize that I need to do this more often! And then I think about why I don’t it more often, which brings me back to my long list of errands and things to do, and I grab my overdue library book and head out the door…



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