This is where we start.

It all started with two green kayaks.

Well, not really. But that is where this blog starts. I promise that we did not intend to have matching kayaks. We are not cutesy. We were given one kayak as a wedding gift; we went to our local outfitter and Shawn picked his top three color choices. While we were waiting for that kayak to arrive, we found mine on ebay: a demo kayak that the Appomattox River Company was selling (thanks for the deal, guys!). It was green, and when Shawn’s kayak arrived, it was green as well.

And now we are out for adventure. We are learning how to kayak, how to camp, and how to keep our dog from jumping into the water (respectively: successful, successful, and terribly unsuccessful).

This is where I will be chronicling our stories. We are not professional explorers, we are not sponsored, but we love to be outside, and we hope to encourage other amateurs to start an adventure!


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